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A Beginners’ Guide to Yoga

Updated: Oct 30, 2022

If you decided to roll out a mat and start practicing yoga, there is something you should know – all the ancient physical and mental exercises will be revealed to you. You will reap all the benefits from it, even if you are a yoga beginner. From improving your strength, balance, and flexibility to relieving yourself from various pains; this ancient art provides healing and insight into your inner self. So, for those of you who are starting, here is a comprehensive guide to help you dive into the world of yoga.

What are the eight limbs of yoga?

The eight limbs of yoga, called strengths, provide a simple guide on how to live your life with purpose and meaning.

They include the following:

- Yama (your ethics and integrity)

- Niyama (self-awareness and discipline)

- Asana (the postures)

- Pranayama (controlling your breathing)

- Pratyahara (sensory transcendence)

- Dharana (your concentration)

- Dhyana (meditation)

- Samadhi (your state of ecstasy)

How accessible is it?

As more and more people tend to turn to yoga, nowadays it is very accessible, especially through various yoga studios, the internet, and books. Practicing asanas has become a need in western countries, so numerous yogis make their services accessible to many students via various channels. In the modern era, all have the option of practicing yoga in a studio or in the comfort of their home. Yoga practice may have started as a trend for some, but it has developed further and has become a lifestyle.

However, when we talk about accessibility, it is also accessible regarding the benefits that come with yoga. As a yoga beginner, you will be able to enjoy opening your mind, cleansing your spirit, and engaging your body in the process. There are so many positive aspects of it.

Types of yoga

Any beginner will ask the same question – how do I know which type of yoga is good for me? I understand that it may be confusing as there are many types of yoga. All you need to do is look through the list (see below), and find out something more about them. You are bound to make the right choice in the end! If you are uncertain which way to go, you can always take a beginner yoga class.

The types of yoga include:

- Ashtanga yoga

- Hatha yoga

- Hot yoga

- Iyengar yoga

- Jivamukti

- Kundalini yoga

- Power yoga

- Prenatal yoga

- Restorative yoga

- Tantra yoga

- Vinyasa

- Yin yoga

- Yoga therapy

What do you need?

When you are a yoga beginner, you may think there is a lot to obtain, however, that is far from the truth. The most essential elements are comfortable clothes and a yoga mat to begin your asana practices. As you progress and learn different poses, you may also need yoga straps or blocks (depending on which type of yoga you choose to go for).

What to do if you cannot perform a certain asana?

When you choose to practice, working with an experienced yogi will help you a lot. You will learn that this is a gradual process that requires patience. If you are unable to make a specific pose, skip it. You will come back to it when you are more flexible and confident that you can pull it off. Never go over your limit because yoga is not about experiencing discomfort.

Since you are a yoga beginner, take things slow, and practice as much as you want (or can). Don’t forget to keep your body hydrated, and don’t forget to keep an open mind instead of quitting right away. If you need a mat to get you started, feel free to discover my products!

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