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Looking for a yoga mat to kickstart your yoga journey? Our Balance yoga mat for beginners is just what you need. This closed-cell yoga mat’s textured surface is moisture-resistant, easy to wipe clean, and provides ample grip for those tricky poses – offering you comfort and stability for those not-too-sweaty sessions.


The Balance Mat is solid and firm enough to take along for the ride. It’s fantastic for new yogis and anyone looking for a sturdy mat that won’t break the bank.  



Available in Red, Black

Balance Mat

Solid Colors
  • Wipe down mat with a natural cleaner.

    Apply cleaner to the cloth first. Do nto apply directly to mat.

    Avoid contact with oils and lotions.

    Let air dry before rolling mat back up.

    Your skins natural oils may mark or stain the mat.

    • Size: 182*62cm
    • Thickness: 5mm
    • Weight: 6lbs
    • Material: PVC


    • Closed Cell Design
    • Textured Surface
    • Extra Cushion for Joint Support
    • Durable and Easy to Clean
    • Great for Outdoor Use or the Gym
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